Col Bob Gideon

The program folder at Col Gideon's memorial service
Lt Col Bob Gideon, Deputy Group Commander
1943: Lt Col Bob Gideon, B24 pilot, 450 Bomb Group, 15th AF

Lt Col Gideon receiving the Silver Star
May, 1944. Manduria, Italy
LtCol Robert Gideon, Deputy Group Commander, receiving the
Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal
Col Gideon at the Pentagon
Colonel Gideon as a Pentagon staff officer

In the early 1980s Col Gideon became very interested in a newly introduced 1911 type compact pistol manufactured by the Detonics company of Seattle and Bellevue Washington. Due to his interest in firearms and his gun collecting hobby, along with his proximity to Seattle and Bellevue, he made many friends and contacts in the new company, including well known WWII warrior Sid Woodcock and other founders. Over the next 20 years or so he built what is almost certainly the premier Detonics Pistol collection ever assembled.

Photos from that collection can be seen by entering HERE detonics collection

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